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2008 Honda Odyssey

. Monday, September 1, 2008

2008 Honda Odyssey Specifications end Review
About Honda Odyssey
The Honda Odyssey is a minivan, or "large MPV", produced by the Japanese automaker Honda since 1995.The Odyssey was introduced in 1995 with four swing-open doors as on most sedans rather than the conventional sliding door design. The basic vehicle was shared between the Japanese and North American markets. The Odyssey was also the first minivan to have a flat-folding third row seat.

The first generation Odyssey came in two trim levels LX and upscale EX. The LX could fit seven with two front buckets, a three-seat middle bench, and a 2-seat third row bench. The EX came with two second row captain's chairs.

Specifications Honda Odyssey
Honda OdysseyThe new Honda Odyssey came with the Honda K24A i-VTEC engine, a 2.4 L unit producing 158 hp (118 kW), this is the same engine used in the CR-V and Accord. 4WD version (RB2) comes with only AT, while 2WD version (except Absolute) only with CVT. Absolute has AT always. 4WD version has received the new DPS system working constantly 90/10 in normal conditions and fully at the time a slippage of the front wheels detected. The V6 engine was dropped completely. Instead, a 197 hp (147 kW) variant of the K24A engine was adopted in the Absolute version, which is a sporty version (190 with 4WD).

Review Honda Odyssey

Ratings Honda Odyssey :
Performance: 10
Fun-to-Drive: 10
Build Quality: 10
Comfort: 10
Interior Design: 10
Reliability: 10
Fuel Economy: 9
Exterior Design: 10
Overall Rating : 9.9

I have never owned a Honda but had seen and heard about the Honda Odyssey and decided it was worth a look. We bought and have fallen in love with the van. We only have one child but really like the room, convenience, the ride and overall quality. My wife has been stuck on SUVs and has told me over and over again what a smart buy this van was and how she absolutely loves it. You will not be disappointed and can be comforted with the fact that as a Honda product your going to get the value (resale/residual) and the performance and life expectancy you expect. Oh and the gas mileage after 3,000 miles is pretty good. I can cruise at 75 and be on 3 cylinders. I'm getting about 22.5 - 25 city/hwy. Review By: Tom Ryan

Ratings Honda Odyssey :
Performance: 9
Fun-to-Drive: 8
Build Quality: 9
Comfort: 10
Interior Design: 9
Reliability: 9
Fuel Economy: 8
Exterior Design: 9
Overall Rating : 8.9

It has been a month and 1,000 miles since we got our Honda Odyssey. I am very impressed with the van and I am very happy with the buy. The van drives very smooth and plenty of power and good agility. It is also very roomy and comfortable. We have 2 car seats and the interior room is great for our family. The sound system and the DVD player Honda Odyssey works great. The Navi and DVD are easy to use. I first thought there might be too many features to learn. But it only took me a short time to be very comfortable with all of the controls and features. The gas mileage is good for a vehicle this size, thanks to the cylinder deactivation. I get 18 to 23 combined both freeway and city. Review By: SPDFAN

Ratings Honda Odyssey :
Performance: 1
Fun-to-Drive: 1
Build Quality: 1
Comfort: 9
Interior Design: 6
Reliability: 1
Fuel Economy: 7
Exterior Design: 8
Overall Rating : 4.3

We just leased a 2008 Honda Odyssey last week of May. Barely three months old, on our way for a vacation the car broke down. It was brought into a Honda dealer and they found that there was a leak on the transmission and the clutch was burned. Good thing we were able to stop at the nearest area. So scared of what happened as we were with our five year old son. Now, even if we take it back and they changed the whole transmission, i will never feel safe again especially for our son. Review By: Gail

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